Anti Doping- Is The Cure Worse Than the Disease.- VeloNews


Two of the primary observers and critics of existing anti-doping approaches are Professors Paul Dimeo of the University of Stirling in Scotland and Verner Møller of Aarhus University in Denmark. This duo has produced a number of recent papers essentially arguing that in the wake of the systematic doping scandals of the past, a sweeping anti-doping hysteria has created what economists refer to as “moral panic” — a perceived crisis which threatens the existing social order. Worried that these scandals could effectively destroy the sport, its leaders have often and impulsively addressed the doping problem in zealous, arbitrary and even irrational ways. Møller and Dimeo argue that differing objectives and an uncoordinated alliance between WADA, national anti-doping agencies, law enforcement authorities, sports organizers, and the media has led to an often confusing and disastrous situation — resulting in an array of unintended consequences, inconsistent and inequitable application of the rules, and a situation where anti-doping efforts may actually be doing more harm than good. Read More

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I am a father, husband, executive and athlete. I am passionate about each one of these aspects in my life and am constantly looking for ways to be better in each of these roles. I am truly dedicated to pushing the limits of human existance and to see what I can and can't do!! This is how you truly find out who you are. Professionally I am a Managing Director with ZRG Partners, a Global Executive Search firm and specialize in domestic and international search in Financial Services and Professional Services. I am also willing to help people who are a bit lost to find their direction in their career. Additionally I am a passionate about sport: Running, Cycling, Skiing, Endurance Sports, and Pushing the limits to see what I can and can't do. Additionally I run a group on Linked In "Executive Athletes" you should check it out. The pursuit of personal goals; I believe is more important than the pursuit of Professional goals. If you can't excel in your personal life you will never excel in your professional life. Train Hard, Live Fast, Make Money!! Ken
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