You can reach me at

my mobile at 508 733 4789

8 Responses to Contact

  1. Wade Boylan says:

    Hi Ken,

    Great site. We are linked on linked In and i can relate to your passion. My wife and I are up every morning at 3:30 AM hitting the gym (weights) and then an hour of cardio. We take a holistic approach at life and also like pushing back father time (in our 40’s and proud of it) !!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Dave Thomas says:

    I am interested in connecting with other executives who share the same values and lifestyle goals. 52 years of age and focused on always reaching for new levels!

    Look forward to connecting!

  3. kenlubin says:

    Dave, Good Morning and thank you for the note- It is great to have you on board! If you ever need anything, please let me know. Ken

  4. My name is Richard Brodsky. I’m 60 years young and 6 of my last 7 marathons have been my fastest since my terminal cancer diagnosis in 2002. I.m also HIV+ since 1997. My Foundation, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation sponsors local running Events on Long Island and we will be co-sponsoring our 8th annual World AIDS Marathon with the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group in Kisumu, Kenya on World AIDS Day. The 2 or 3 days before the marathon we will be sponsoring orphan dinner dances for 900+/- Kenyans. We bring a pediatrician with us to Kenya and he has examined 136 orphans in the past 2 years. Great opportunity of you a re a nurse, therapist or doctor to treat orphans in a festive setting and then you get to RUN WITH THE KENYANS. Here is a link to my last news release. We are always looking for participants and sponsors, You can also view photos of the work and the World AIDS Marathon by viewing any of the photo links on the website

  5. Sean Ahmadi says:

    I like your website and FB page. I’m a pro mtbiker and coach endurance athletes of all ages and skills. I usually post a lot on my FB page (CoachAhmadiTX) of sport specific strength training, and have written numerous articles for different cycling related sites and publications. Would you be interested in letting me post on your sites.
    Sean Ahmadi

  6. Jeff Peck says:

    Hi Ken,
    I follow you and we are on the same groups on Linked In. I am a 6 time IM finisher and 25+ year triathlete. Thanks for the great articles and blog site. We started our own carbon race wheel company this year, CogNation Cycling. Please check us out at Would appreciate your feedback.

  7. Sean Ahmadi says:

    Thanks Ken,
    I posted a short article yesterday. Don’t know if you had a chance to look at it. I hope it’s ok to post articles about training for endurance sports
    Sean Ahmadi

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