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EA Jersey Black EA Jersey White

31 Responses to EA Gear

  1. Ashley says:

    I love the design and would be interested in purchasing some running gear, but not cycling gear.

  2. Rob Havemeyer says:

    Looks very nice
    Who’s the clothing supplier ?
    Thoughts on adding an inspirational quote or two? I realize that quotes are a personal thing but it’s one great part of the Executive Athlete group.


  3. Erik Golbiw says:

    i think these look great, especially the black version! Nice work.

  4. Shawn Robison says:

    I like it! I’d be interested in buying one. I’d like to see some running gear too. Thanks, Ken.


  5. Col Matt Smith says:


    Awesome idea and you can never have too much gear!

    However, the color scheme is absolutely egregious. I know this sounds like I am being very critical and you are trying to appeal to a very broad audience but even if you were stay with core colors such as red, darker/navy blue or even just the fluorescent green then I think that’s a win. That fuscia color may look great on women but not so on guys.

    BL: great idea all around and think it would increase interest in EA and open up the aperture even more. However, need to think sometimes why people buy certain bikes, skis, glasses, etc–it’s because of how they look!

    • Endre says:

      I think the idea is fantastic. The darker colours don’t work for me though – the darker the colours the more sunlight absorbent and heat retaining the outfit. In South Africa where triathlons and xterra are massively popular then this becomes an issue especially for distance training / events where temperature can be an issue. You may not be able to please everyone, but a uniform colour scheme would also be good. And I always need a new tri-suit.

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  7. Paul says:

    I’d also be interested in running gear

  8. tri4balance says:

    nicely dont guys – – looks very cool – I can always use extra kit so I am in!!

  9. Major General Sir Mike Hunt (ret'd) says:

    yeah looks good…as someone else said you can never have too much kit, especially if its a top end brand. disagree on the fuscia color, I love wearing “feminine” type colors pink fuscia etc but I accept it’s not to everyone’s taste and it takes a male comfortable with his own alpha-ness to pull it off 😉

  10. Jim says:

    Love the logo design. Would have to agree with others that the colors are lacking esp. when you consider how many upper end bicycles and equipment these days are based around black and red. The current colors would work for Liquigas Cannondales and that’s about it. Just add a black / red version and I think you would have a winner.

  11. mlswen says:

    I love the idea and would be interested. I like the look of the black, but find it impractical. In my experience, black is too hot for summer exercising and bikers like the bright colors. I do like the logo.

  12. mlswen says:

    I really like it, I like the look of the black, but I find it too hot to wear during summer training. Also, bikers like the obnoxously bright colors. I think the logo is great. I am interested.

  13. Robert E. "Bob" Sweeney says:

    I’m good for a t-shirt or two. like black with some pronounced offsetting color and a good quote or two for options..

  14. Howard Nusinov says:

    Looks great. Will definitely buy cycling gear when ready

  15. Interested in cycling gear clothing. Already have other sponsors for cycling (shoes, custom builder, tires, accessories, et al).

  16. Richard Dale-Mesaros says:

    Awesome….. I need cycling and running stuff! Baseball cap would be good too, plus a T-shirt 🙂

  17. Steve says:

    Clearly the white is a cycling jersey. Can’t tell if the black is just a zippered shirt, can’t see pockets on back. If the colors were closer to Red and black I would consider. Nice design.

  18. Tim says:

    I’m in! Both run a cycle gear.

  19. Ric says:

    They look good. Would be interested in general training (circuit) type gear. Back issues prevent me from running. I swim at lot (weather a bit milder down here in Australia). Is there any thought to also producing similarly designed UV protection swimming tops? I would certainly also be interested in these

  20. Steve says:

    Looks pretty good to me. I like the “clean” look. I would also be interested in running gear too.

  21. Craig Virgin says:

    There needs to be one more “swoosh line” from the middle of the “E” thru the middle of the “A” … from left to right…. to complete the E and the A. In my humble opinion. I could wear running singlet or technical fabric t-shirt to run in or work out in gym….. maybe biking shirt would be ok, too, but my second purchase… not my first one. Not a bad start…..and congratulations on getting this off the ground. Thanks for all that everyone has done here. Craig

  22. FabDach says:

    Looks superband it’s a great idea ? Do you plan to have other sruff like bibshort, gilet… ?

  23. Michael (UK) says:

    I’m in favour of the black version, but wouldn’t mind a running top too. I’d definitely get one for myself and for the better half.

  24. Francisco Giorno says:

    both are looking very well, i would like to use it

  25. Cathie says:

    Ditto – running gear – sold!

  26. B. Shinn says:

    Love it! Looks great and I would buy a kit! Just a personal preference, but I like it without a “quote.”

  27. Matt says:

    Not comfortable with my alpha-ness…hmmm, I’m just going to paint the design on my chest and back! 🙂

  28. Jason says:

    High quality T-shirts would be great for travel and workouts in the hotels. My thoughts on the logo, I would not have the E connect to A at the bottom. I would separate the two letters so the E stands out more. At first glance I see CA. I get the swoosh makes it a “E” but it’s a bit confusing. Great job making this happen!

  29. Paul says:

    Who is making the kits?
    That would be a big factor for me. Needs matching bibs too.

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