The Flinch


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As an executive, athlete and parent and I am always looking for ways to do things better.  I love to step outside the box and to try new things, most times they fail, but from time to time they are successful.  One thing that I am always cautious of, is just letting it happen. Much of the time I let my fears get in the way of taking the next step or taking action and this is personally very frustrating to me.  Recently I have been studying how to get things done, rather than just have ideas.  Ideas are great, but they are useless unless you take action.

This past summer I was turned on to an E Book, “The Flinch”  by Julien Smith, I  read it again last night and was blown away.  We have always been taught to be on the defensive vs. the offensive,  not to rattle things up, but to accept what others say.  This has taught us to respect others, rather than respect ourselves.   We as a society have lost a great deal of self-respect.  Society has taught us to be safe and not to step outside of the box.  This is killing dreams, killing great ideas, and killing our inner selves. If you want to get things  done you need to face “The Flinch”!

Face the Flinch and to make stuff happen.

Have fun taking massive action, getting it done and gaining self-respect!



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